However, she came across an email sent by her mother-in-law to her 16-year-old son, asking why the teenager had deleted the family WhatsApp account.

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"He was obviously tidying his phone and deleted the family chat so she emailed to ask why and was very nasty to him, I think. When he replied saying he didn't even realise there was a group chat and he doesn't use [WhatsApp], she sent another email," the mum explains.

"They usually get on well. I can't interfere but have asked [my husband] to gently find out if all is ok; I can do without an unhappy child right now.

"This is what she used to do to me all the time. Blow hot and cold and never in front of anyone else who was listening. Always accusing me of wrecking her family etc etc."

The woman attached screenshots of the emails sent to her son, and asked fellow Mumsnet users for their advice.

The first email certainly takes the phrase 'passive-aggressive' to a whole new level, bordering on aggressive, and the forum agreed.

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