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How to know if there is love or dependence in the relationship

In the couple, love, equality, and respect must prevail at all times and avoid certain toxicities that could end the relationship.

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'The stunning way I found my sweetheart was undermining me'

I idiotically thought Max was infatuated with me. He continually disclosed to me the amount he cherished me and we consistently talked about how we needed to "get married" in a year or two. We were both in our mid-30s and needed to begin a family soo


Woman's shock at mother-in-law's email to her teenage son

Tension between wives and mothers-in-law isn't anything new, but every now and then you come across a situation that is next-level bad in every way.

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The phone call that ended my sex life with my husband

When Mila* discovered devastating news about her husband, her feelings towards him changed drastically. As told to Victoria Bright

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I was on verge of leaving my marriage when my lover dropped a bombshell

Five years into my marriage to Brett* I had an affair with a work colleague, Dave*. I'm not proud of myself. It is what it is.

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Dating : What millennials really think about sexting

Is sexting a statement of modern love, or is it a salacious habit burdening the new age dating sphere?