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Dating : What millennials really think about sexting

according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 53 per cent of adults aged 18–30 years send them.

The act of sending a message, image or video of a sexual nature has been around since Nokia brick phones first got a camera put into them - and during coronavirus, terms like "nudes" jumped up 384 per cent on Twitter from March to April, according to data from Khoros.

But it seems a disconnect exists between generations, as Shelly Horton asks co-host of Sex, Dating and the Sisterhood Bianca Farmakis whether the act is a "staple" or "taboo" for courtship today.

Both women reveal they've received nudes and say a bad nude image with "no lighting quality is, put bluntly, "not sexy".

However, Bianca defends the right to share a nude - consensually that is

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