"I would go spare at her speaking to my child like that. How dare she? Why are you tiptoeing round the mad old bat?" one person commented.

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Another said: "Wow she's awful, not surprised you're keeping away, at least your dc are now at an age that they can decide if they want to visit and at least they've seen for themselves."

One suggested leaving it to her 16-year-old to sort out as he was old enough to deal with his grandmother, however the concerned mum said her son was "introverted" and not equipped to deal with something like this.

"I would go nuclear… it's one thing to speak to an adult like that but a teenager," another comment read.

"I'd be making sure [your husband] knew I had their backs however they goose to respond, and making sure [he] knew how rude she was. I'd also give her a price of my mind in person, but then I'm not known for my delicacy and tact."

"So passive aggressive, she just makes herself sound like a d-ck but I hope [your husband] can see it and it doesn't get in your son's head," said another.

It was also suggested the woman's husband might need to step up and confront his mother over her treatment of his family.

"She is a nut - your husband needs to step in here and put her straight. No way to talk to anybody, let alone a child and her grandson," another said.

The mum said she planned to talk to her son about the issue to let him know she was "on his side 100 per cent".

"I've thought for a few years that she has elements of narcissistic personality disorder," she says. "I've got probably 5 or 6 emails to me that are just like that. I ignore them. But I can't ignore this. Thank you."

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