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Follow a daily sleep routine

Have you ever woke up with a bad mood without knowing why? Perhaps because you didn't sleep enough, or you didn't rest because your sleep was erratic or irregular; taking a break is crucial to both physical and mental health.

A simple solution to sleep is to follow daily routine, so it is best not to use the smartphone for at least half an hour before sleep, to sleep once you feel sleepy, and not to do other activities like watching movies.

A light dinner is preferred at least an hour before sleeping, so it makes digestion easier and gives us more comfort. Regular sleep and wake-up time should be set.

Leave the house 10 minutes a day

One of the first symptoms that is evident in our lives when things don't go well is to stop leaving the house, and to see family and friends. Apathy can indicate that we are stressed and worried; so we can prevent ourselves from getting out of the house for at least 10 or 15 minutes on a daily basis.

Talk to yourself well

The perception  we have about  ourselves is the real key to our mental health; it is therefore important that we speak well to ourselves, not judge ourselves harshly, and know how to forgive ourselves. This habit can make a big difference in our view of the difficult situations we are going through in our lives and the people around us as well.

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