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Express your love for yourself and care for your mental and emotional well-being

Mental and emotional health should not be confused with happiness and usually good mood, because strong mental health does not guarantee you will be happy. Yet emotional well-being is an effective and fundamental means of achieving happiness.

Sound mind is the key to confronting the problems and setbacks that people face in their lives, to developing in personal, professional and emotional levels, and to helping us overcome bad times in our lives, and to be able to establish and maintain social and personal healthy relationships.

In a report published in the Spanish magazine Envimenio, writer Maria Vitez said that mental health guarantees our general health, although it is not given the necessary importance for this aspect, so many people neglect their emotions and their psychological health.

In childhood, we learn to care for our physical health, the importance of drinking enough water, eating a healthy diet, and exercising. However, we are hardly learning the importance of mental and emotional health, while it is important and effective in maintaining good health and happiness.

But it is not too late to learn, does you know how?

Why care for our mental health?
"People are not healthy in the absence of mental health," the World Health Organization said. As with physical health, people should not wait for a type of disturbance to start caring for themselves; it is therefore essential to develop habits that help us care for our minds before you are the victim of any psychological illness.

There should be little reluctance to visit a psychiatrist, although this remains embarrassing and dissapoinment in society; we should routinely visit a psychiatrist as we do with a physical health doctor.

We can do daily mental health-stimulating activities, which are much simpler than we thought.

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