Dolibarr comes with everything an ERP needs, including accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management and inventory modules. This all-in-one suite provides end-to-end management for small and medium-sized businesses - from invoice, contract, inventory, order and payment tracking, document management and point-of-sale system electronic. Everything is packaged in a fairly clean interface. You can install and use Dolibarr as a stand-alone or online application on a dedicated or shared server or a virtual machine to use it from anywhere, on any computer, tablet or smartphone. It is available in different forms: from the automatic installation packages that install Dolibarr and all the prerequisites that do not need technical knowledge, from the standard distribution running on all operating system platforms and PHP architecture ( Windows, Mac, Linux).


ERPNext is a free and open source solution for modern users. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, ERPNext is presented as a series of applications. The software is based on the MariaDB database system and uses JavaScript and a Python-based server-side infrastructure. ERPNext allows you to follow your inventory on several warehouses. It is typically used for manufacturing setup, managing your customer's issues, and managing multiple user roles at once. The simplicity of ERPNext simplifies setup, using simple forms to enter information about your business and walking you through the process, in a typical setup wizard style. It's a feeling that quickly becomes familiar, as the ERP is clean and user-friendly.


EasyERP is an open source platform containing CRM, human resource management, purchasing, inventory, expenses, reporting, account management, etc. This open source software is designed for small and medium businesses with applications that provide all the functionality needed for CRM. EasyERP allows you to follow the evolution of sales, display the most important information on dashboards, verify the information relating to all incoming leads, follow their conversion into opportunities, etc. EasyERP is customizable, user-friendly and intuitive. interface, fast, flexible and scalable.


inoERP is an open source online business management system, built using open source technologies, which offers a wide range of functionalities suitable for running different types of businesses. The software architecture is flexible and includes all reports, documents and forms. It is therefore capable enough to add new elements according to the needs of the business. The inoERP software also offers an integrated content management system and is usable on all modern browsers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices, regardless of their resolution. inoERP provides a single system to meet end-to-end requirements related to supply chain, finance and human resources and people management systems.



iDempiere Business Suite, also known as OSGi + ADempiere, is open source ERP software that is fully navigable on PCs, tablets and smartphones. It also includes customer relationship management and supply chain management functions. It is a full-fledged ERP, which ranges from invoicing to point-of-sale integration, warehouse management and forecasting. Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, iDempiere places a special emphasis on the community, which includes: specialists, implementers and end users. System requirements include: Java OpenJDK, PostgreSQL Database, or Oracle Database.

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