• The Reykjavik Open 2024

Reykjavik’s top seed for 2024 is Bogdan-Daniel Deac, who is in proven form this week – the Romanian won Titled Tuesday. The No 2 seed is the Ukrainian Vasyl Ivanchuk. England’s contingent is led by the national No 9, GM Daniel Fernandez, 29, and includes IM Matthew Wadsworth, 23, seeking his second GM norm, FM Sohum Lohia, 14 and in search of the IM title, plus the 9-year-old girl Bodhana Sivanandan, who, with a 2088 rating, needs just a dozen points to qualify as a Woman Fide Master, her next step on the long road to the international top.

Sivanandan lost in 60 moves in Friday’s first round to Prraneeth Vuppala, 17, one of India’s youngest grandmasters, rated 2506 and the No 17 seed at Reykjavik, after conceding a pawn early on. The pairing system matches losers with other losers, so she is likely to recover in the next few rounds. There are nine rounds in total.

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