Why are the archives a enormous deal?

On Admirable 8, government operators swooped on Mr Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, seizing approximately 11,000 documents. They were found reserved within the previous president's room, his closet — and washroom. Eighteen were stamped beat mystery, 54 mystery, and 31 secret, agreeing to court filings discharged within the weeks after. The FBI moreover found handfuls of purge envelopes stamped classified, with no sign of what they had held. There are rules almost what previous presidents can keep on taking off office – brought in after the Watergate embarrassment – which say such records are government property and must be protected. And it may abuse other laws — counting an Secret activities Act statute which administers gathering, transmitting or losing national resistance data, and others that cover ruining or expelling records as well as the pulverization, modification or distortion of records in government investigations.

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