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It was a Sunday night and Max had recently returned from a work trip in Sydney. I saw that he was as a rule very inaccessible, yet I just put it down to him being occupied about work. We ate and I opened a jug of wine. 

We sat on the sofa to watch a film yet the entire time he was seeing his telephone and messaging. At the point when I asked him who he was messaging he stated, "Sorry it's a work thing I have to figure out." He went into the washroom and I saw that he took his telephone in there with him. 

Lady finds sweetheart is undermining her 

Alissa had been dating Max for a very long time and thought their relationship was "unshakable". (iStock) 

That was the main clue that something was up, however the following day everything turned out to be truly clear. I was grinding away and Max messaged me to state he wouldn't be home until truly late as "something was going down grinding away" and he expected to remain to fix it. I never truly dove into his work issues, yet I suspected that he may be lying. 

At that point, a couple of moments after he messaged to state he would have been late, I got another content from him. He'd sent me a photograph – it was a "dick pic". Truly, he sent me a photograph of his erect penis. I could barely handle it. It was so unusual for him – he had never sent me one, not in any event, when we initially began dating! 

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