​​​​"It's a common misconception that a flaky scalp must be a dry one but in most cases that's not true, it's actually oilier," Caddy says.

"Therefore, massaging in oils not only sticks flakes down more, it attracts more dirt and can actually trigger a contact dermatitis."

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Is there a special way to wash your hair when you have dandruff?

It might seem obvious but shampooing all the way into your scalp is important. It's especially necessary for those with thick hair, who might be unintentionally avoiding the scalp and only washing the hair. Sure, washing your hair is a good thing, but skipping your scalp will only encourage your dandruff to stick around longer.

"You need to get right into the scalp with your shampoo and massage gently but thoroughly for around a minute and you need to rinse and repeat if you're not washing your hair daily — if you wash daily you only need to shampoo once."

When it comes to applying condition, avoid taking it to the roots. Instead work it through from your mid-length down.



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